My lifehack — to write a diary.

Yana Sergievskaya
There are a variety of ways that it is possible to record.
Morning pages

It is necessary to sit down and write everything in the morning. Ideally, you need to write 3 pages.

Morning planning
I write the basic tasks before the beginning of the working day and try to fulfill them.
Evening pages
This I do if it seems that I have not a time. Here I try to note that I have at least some useful, but I did. There are days when my achievement is breakfast. But I could lie in bed and eat chips?
A tracker of habits

For a short period (a week, for example), I make a list of what I plan to do every day. If the plus sign is too small, then I reflect on why I do not need this habit. Sometimes I give up my plans.
Dear Diary

This is a text or a letter where I tell about important events. I would like to write in such a way that I do not hesitate to publish in facebook, but so far I have not learned to be so frank and funny.

Once I stopped writing for a very long time. I wrote only lists of cases and did not care about myself in the text. It was a dark time. Now, when I do not have time, I try not to leave. This is my meditation.
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